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African Flower Animal Crochet Course
African Flower Animal Crochet Course
African Flower Animal Crochet Course
African Flower Animal Crochet Course
African Flower Animal Crochet Course
African Flower Animal Crochet Course

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African Flower Animal Crochet Course
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Learn to be fully confident in your African Flower motif skills and tackle any new project with ease and excitement!

Learn all the foundational skills to make these amazing African Flowers so that you can tackle ANY project in the future!


  • Creating Your African Flowers
    • How to Read the Patterns
    • Hexagon African Flower Motif
    • Pentagon African Flower Motif
    • Join As You Go
  • Creating Your African Flower Animal - The Owl
    • Shaping and Forming
    • Finishing Tips
  • Creating Your African Flower Animal - The Chicken
    • Adding & Attaching Pieces
    • Common Mistakes and How to Avoid/Fix Them
  • Creating Your African Flower Animal - The Cat
    • Creating Other Animals


  • Finishing Techniques Video Class - Seaming
    • Learn 3 different techniques to seam your projects together as well as finishing off the corners of your projects.
  • Color Theory 101 Class
    • Never get scared to use color in you projects again! We will teach you about Color Theory and what colors look beautiful together.
  • Color Combo Inspirations
    • We have put together 10 done for you color combinations that will look amazing with any creation!
  • Coloring Sheets
    • ​4 Coloring Sheets to help you design and plan out your African Animal Flower Color Combinations!
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Crochet & Knit Alongs

Love to crochet along? With every single class on Stitches you get access to the community crochet along, access to the instructor, video instruction, downloadable pattern and the opportunity to win yarn prizes!

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Sewing Classes

Introducing our brand new sewing classes. Love to sew? Check out one of our new video classes with step-by-step instructions.

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Don't take our word for it


Ok. So I really get lost in this community for hours! I absolutely LOVE IT! 💕 💕 So I have to limit myself to step away from it for a few days or I will not get any of my actual job done. Haha!

Courtney Poyser

I finally finished my blanket. I gave it to my mom for Christmas. She loved it. I also made a white and teal blanket for my niece and a brown and cream colored blanket for my father which I finished on Christmas Day. Nothing like coming in right under the line. 

Alice Frati

Finished my pouf. So proud of my work I filled it with about 8 pounds of poly foam so it would be firm. Can’t wait to put it in the den.

Angeles De Obsaldia

I did it! I finished my very first afghan and I learned so much from this experience!

Becki Sue

I absolutely love this community. I’m frequently awake all night long when others are in bed so when everyone else is getting in on the group video get togethers I’m sleeping so I miss out but here I get to come check things out at my convenience, I love that. 

Tonya Mo Baierl

Definitely enjoying the community. Getting to know people and getting ideas for projects. Classes are awesome also. 

Tamara Jackson

Los Angeles, CA


After several days/weeks of reading posts and looking at the projects all I can say is I am honored to be part of such a talented group; Thank you for starting this. 

Elaine Hilowitz

I absolutely love this platform! So many different ages, and people from different demographics. I think it’s amazing what you have done here Brittany Lynch. I love learning and networking with others! Thank you thank you thank you!

Aerial Carruthers